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Commentary Of Tracks by LAVA
Japanese | English
2nd Album RBZL-1 \2,500
2002/07/13 Release!!!
++Play List & Listen++
M01. Morena feat.Gema M07. Love&Joy feat.Donna Burke
M02. Mundo Novo feat.Wilma de Oliveira M08. Vem Para Ficar (Brown.Smith & Grey Jazz Scale remix)
M03. Exit To The Top feat.Donna Burke Interlude
M04. Misto M09. Swing Me Higher feat.Aundrea Hopkins
M05. Verao No Rio feat. Wilma de Oliveira M10. "I Pine For Gambia"
M06. A Night In Le Fonque M11. Morena feat.Gema (John Gaspard Deep Samba remix)
++Mundo Novo Chart++
SHIBUYA-FM " SHIBUYA 10DISK CHARTS " First appearance The 1st place!!!
J-WAVE  "TOKIO HOT  100" "Morena".....The 53th place
HMV Dance & SOUL - CLUB.....The 2nd Place
VIRGIN  WORLD Chart The 2nd Place
TOWER RECORD Shibuya Shop WORLD/Weekly The 3rd place
CLUB/Weekly The 5th place