release in 13.07.2002
001 : Morena feat.Gema
002 : Mundo Novo feat.Wilma de Oliveira
003 : Exit To The Top feat.Donn Burke
004 : Misto-1206 Interlide-
005 : Vearao No Rio feat.Wilma de Oliveira
006 : A Night In Le Fonque
007 : Love&Joy feat.Donna Burke
008 : Vem Para Ficar<Brown,Smith&Grey Jazz Scale remix>
- Man In The Street Interlude -
009 : Swing Me Higher feat.Aundrea Hopkins
010 : I Pine For Gambia
011 : Morena feat.Gema<John Gaspard Deep Samba remix>

2nd Album "Mundo Novo" - contents
Now that the release of the previous 1st album "Aile Alegria,"
in over seven countries over in Europe and in Japan, has given
LAVA an ability to expand his area of activity to a global level,
his long-awaited 2nd album will be released on July 13th.

The album kicks off with the Latin house track "Morena"
featuring the Cuban female vocalist Gema, who joined
LAVA to record this track in Spain, in the midst of
his DJ tour scheduled in France and Germany; this album
also includes tracks featuring many female vocalists such
as Wilma de Oliveira, the Brazilian vocalist familiar from the last album,
Donna Burke from Australia who is currently active in the music scene in Japan,
and the Black-American vocalist Andrea Hopkins, featured in the track
"Swing Me Higher," the same track in which it was developed by using the
method of new genre created by LAVA, called "R&B," as in <Rhythm & Brazil>.

Along with all the best vocal tracks recorded in this album,
many musicians familiar from the last album such as Kosmas Kapitza (perc)
and Yoshihito Fukumoto (tp) from ex. La Orqueta De La Ruz are featured,
and also Latyr Sy, the percussionist from Senegal, is featured in
this album for the first time. Together they create an atmosphere of broadening
LAVA's sound production to a global level, with more taste of his originality.

Many tracks have already been compiled into many compilation albums;
at last, it will be released as a full original album on July 13th.
The album entitled "New World" in Portuguese will again flow its way into the world.

The album also includes the "Jazz Scale Remix" version of "
Vem Para Ficar" offered by Brown, Smith & Grey (resides in Hanover,
very closely associated with LAVA). Still more, John Gasper,
currently active in the music scene in Paris, has offered us with a
"Deep House Remix" version of "Morena," the core tune of this album,
to be added. Everyone will be most sure this track will burn the club
scenes around the world, along with its original version.